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Pembroke vs Cardigan...What's The Difference?


The word "Corgi" is from the Welsh "cor" (dwarf) and "ci" (dog). The "ci" becoming "gi" by normal mutation resulting in “corgi”. The breeds were often called "yard-long dogs" in older times.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi


It is believed that their ancestry dates back to at least the tenth century. It is unknown whether they are descended from the Vallhunds (Swedish cattle dogs possibly brought to Pembrokeshire by the Vikings) or from the ancestors of the present-day Schipperkes and Pomeranians that were brought to Wales by Flemish weavers.

The Pembroke is a low-built dog whose upright ears give it a very expressive, fox-like appearance. Tails are often short or absent, some naturally, others due to docking. Despite its size the Pembroke has a sturdy, confident and athletic build.


A Pembroke is 10 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder and 40% longer from shoulder to tail. Pembrokes in peak condition weigh about 27 - 30 pounds for the male, the females being about 25 - 27 pounds. They can become overweight easily if not fed and exercised properly. They are the smallest breed of the Herding Group recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Pembrokes can be red, sable, fawn, or tricolor with or without white markings on the legs, chest, neck, muzzle, belly, or as a narrow blaze on the head. Tricolors can be black headed or red headed. Corgis have an undercoat of fine soft fur, with an overcoat of short, somewhat coarse fur. Their undercoat sheds continuously all year round, with extensive seasonal shedding occurring at least twice each year.


Pembrokes are very hard-working and loyal. They are usually easily trainable, and have been ranked in 11th place in "the World's Smartest Dog Breeds".  HOWEVER, both Pembrokes and Cardigans can be quite stubborn and opinionated and may not be the best choice as a first dog. They require sensible and positive training right from the start and will be willing and ready for anything you’d like to do. They function as good watchdogs due to their alertness and tendency to bark. Pembrokes are typically outgoing, friendly dogs. Being a herding dog, Pems are very energetic, especially if without sufficient exercise. They excel at performance events such as herding, agility, obedience, rally and tracking.


What can also be seen in some corgis is a "fairy saddle" marking over the dog's withers, caused by changes in the thickness, length and direction of hair growth. The phrase arises from the legend that the dogs were harnessed and used as steeds for fairies.

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